KLT Boxes

Version in many colours:

Type Dimension mm Capacity
6410 600x400x280 46l
3125 300x200x150 5,3l 3147 300x200x147 5,3l
4315 400x300x150 10l 4147 400x300x147 11,8l
4329 400x300x290 22l 4280 400x300x280 24,1l
6415 600x400x150 22l 6147 600x400x147 25l
6429 600x400x290 48l 6280 600x400x280 51,9l

Our R-KLT and RL-KLT Boxes are fully conforming to the VDA-4500 standards. Boxes are available in standard colours (blue), but also in other, special colours and with imprintigs of Your choice, if it is needed. Boxes fit perfectly for automated production processes. They can have waterdrainage holes. KLT Boxes has stable impact surfaces, lifting slots, thanks to which they can be also used in manual handling. We have also special series of foldable KLT.

Main features:

  • Resistant to oils, acids
  • Fully recyclable
  • Easy cleaning
  • According to VDA 4500
  • Whitstanding temp. from -20 to +100 degrees Celsius
  • Barcode fixing area
  • Available optionally with lid

Galia Odette KLT

Type Dimension mm
GA-6432 594x396x314
GA-6422 594x396x214
GA-4322 396x297x214
GA-4312 396x297x114
GA-3212 297x197x114

We offer You Galia stacking containers. This container is a worldwide know, adopted by numerous industry sectors transport container. It has ergonomic design and is very durable. You can find ion our offer boxes in different sizes.

Main features:

  • Maximum rigidity
  • Built-inn label holder
  • Ergonomic design
  • Standard sizes
  • Possible personalization (e.g. Your logo)

Big Box

Type Dimension mm
Big box

We offer You different types of big boxes. They are made of robust, scratch-resistant material. Thanks to smooth walls, in and outside of the box, the cleaning of the boxes is much easier.
The boxes have standard dimensions Euro1200x80, ISO1200x 1000 or 800 x 600. We can offer You different types of big boxes: standard, foldable, with ventilation slids or cut-out handles with flaps.

Main features:

  • robust
  • standard dimensions
  • different typed, eg. Foldable, with flaps
  • stackable
  • optional label holder
  • optional with lid

Bulk container

Type Dimension mm
Bulk container

We offer You folding bulk container. The container help to protect Your goods from dirt and dust during transport and storage. The container is made of very strong and impact-resistant plastic. It has 9 feet, very low weight and is easy to handle. You can order the container in different sizes.

Main features:

  • 100% recyclable
  • 3 part system: pallet+sides+lid
  • very strong foldable side construction
  • 9 feet
  • volume savings thanks to foldable construction
  • picking flap on the side

Metal container

Version in many colours:

Type Dimension mm
Standard 1240x835x970
Foldable 1240x835x970
1/2 1240x835xcustom

We offer You metal gitterboxes in different specifications and colours. You can choose from standard gitterboxes EURO type, manufactured to DIN standard UIC, with EPAL Certificate, grey colour RAL7030, and other types, like foldable gitterboxes - EURO type, with foldable all walls, ratio 1:3, and 1⁄2 gitterboxes – standard EURO type gitterbox with height 500/570 mm. Our gitterboxes can be delivered also in different colours, with Your branding or in height You specify.

Main features:

  • EPAL Certificate
  • according to DIN UIC
  • payload range up to 1500 kg
  • optional foldable walls
  • 70 kg weight
  • standard dimensions
  • very robust
  • different colours available

Sea Cargo Container

Type Dimension mm Capacity Max cargo weight
20' 5895x2350x2392 33 m3 28230 kg
40' 12029x2350x2392 67 m3 26700 kg

We offer you standard sea cargo container in two sizes: 20' and 40'. Our containers closed containers, they have ISO and CSC certificates.

Main features:

  • two sizes available
  • standard dimensions
  • ISO and CSC certificates
  • max cargo weight up to 26700 kg


Type Dimension mm
Wooden pallett
1200x800 (EPAL)
Plastic pallet
1200x800 (EPAL)

We offer You different types of pallets, made from different materials, and in different dimensions, according to Your requirements. You can choose from standard wooden europalltes – EPAL Certificate, wooden pallets in different sizes or plastic pallets, also in different sizes. Our mobile transport surfaces will help to organize Your logistic processes.

Main features:

  • EPAL certificate
  • different materials
  • different sizes
  • durable
  • stackable
  • low weight

Carton boxes

Carton Boxes are most commonly used for packaging purposes. Our wide range of boxes is made of high quality and strength material. We can provide You boxes in different shapes and sizes. Contact us for more details.


We have available different types of container to suit You different needs and help You in different projects. You can find in our offer metal container with different, non standard dimension, e.g.

  • EPAL certificate
  • different materials
  • different sizes
  • durable
  • stackable
  • low weight

If none of our container fulfills Your requirements contact us, we will find a solution for You.


We have in our offer new and used pallet racks for Your warehouse. We offer the possibility of renting or selling of the pallet racks, with full support needed - transport, installation etc. We can also organize storage of Your goods in one of our external warehouses in different locations:

  • Wrocław (PL)
  • ŚrodaŚląska (PL)
  • Bolesławiec (PL)
  • Chemnitz (DE)
  • FrankfurtamMain (DE)
  • Rovereto (IT)

If none of our container fulfills Your requirements contact us, we will find a solution for You.

Customized projects

We understand that production processes and logistic business have numerous requirements. Some of them are non standard. To fulfill all your requirements we offer You customized solutions, which we prepare according to all Your detailed needs. We will help You to find the solution to any of Your problem. You need non standard container, boxes or polypropylene layers, with Your branding and in different colour? Contact us and let us know, what we can do for You.


Your business can benefit from outsourcing of container and pallet pooling. Our solution is based on shared use of container and/or pallets of the type You need by numerous companies. All partiescan benefit together form the network scale, which is more efficient for Your business than managing Your reusable containers on Your own. There are numerous benefits for You thanks to Crusar Pooling System, e.g.:

  • equipment flexibility in seasonal peaks
  • lower capital expenditure
  • reusable vs. one way packaging
  • outsourced services
  • know-how
  • lower fixed costs and handling costs

Container cleaning

To fulfill the highest quality requirements some of the containers in the loop need to be cleaned. We offer You professional cleaning of different types of containers. Our machines are suitable for cleaning of all types of KLT boxes and most of the types of trays used in the production processes. We can also clean other types of container and boxes, e.g. gitterboxes, big boxes. To ensure the highest quality of the cleaning process we use professional washing machines using suitable chemicals and steam technology. We can offer You cleaning process within Your plant or in our facility. Contact us for more details.

We invite You to cooperation!